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CFUV Podcasts

U in the Ring

an investigative podcast from cfuv focusing on stories that revolve around the university of victoria

the story of how and why UVic removed 1000+ domesticated rabbits from their campus and the people and places they would go on to affect. Buckle up, we’re going down the rabbit hole.

a dive into how the website RateMyProf has negatively impacted the way female professors are evaluated.

an exploration of a loved (and hated) Facebook group at UVic, as well as the mysterious admins who run it.

All Access

stories from the Songhees, Wsanec, and Esquimalt territories (Victoria, BC) covering issues at the centre of its diverse music scene

an examination of how the Victoria housing crisis began and the impact it’s having on local musicians

focused on debunking opera stigmas by examining indie opera companies in Victoria and opera students/professors at UVic.